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Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop is a service that Diana Ministries provide to Non-profit organizations at no cost.  We are here to help water the seeds already planted. This passion of mine and purpose comes from the Lord. He dropped this in my spirit when I told him that I wanted to go back to the shelter where I once lived in 2009 to give back in a special way.  Now it's been four years since God dropped this in my spirit and this workshop has become something truly special. I am humbled and I look forward to each and every event. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to service the communities.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Diana Ministries promises to provide the best service possible. This is a passion of mine and I am dedicated to doing my best. 


Rehabilitation Center for Women and Men

"Thank you for coming out this weekend, we couldn’t be more grateful for your participation and services to our community! What a blessing you are!We received great feedback from residents and staff, and look forward to a working relationship with Diana Ministries"- The Milestone House, Dover, NJ



"Thank you for coming out and hosting another successful Vision Board workshop, the ladies always enjoy when you come. Living in a shelter can take it’s toll on a person’s well-being, but having an outlet such as yours is a great way to help build back their self-esteem and hope." - Homeless Solutions, Morristown, NJ



This event happened during the shut down due to Covid. We had our first Virtual Vision Board Workshop.


I reached out to the community and there was no hesitation to give. Thank you to Western world Insurance Group employees, Hand and Stone and Massage and Facial Spa, Sister Nails and Spa, AMC movie theater,
Chick-Fil-A for giving your gift cards and helping with magazines for this special event. A BIG shout out to Sean for being my volunteer assistant. Thank you for the journals and ink pens. Thank you to everyone for your love and support. Thank you to Jesus for helping to make all of this possible.

Stay Tuned

More To Come- God willing

Stay Tuned

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