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Inspirational Books

I am excited to share the release of my newest book, Ten Years Strong. This book is about my walk with God for ten years.  I have many stories that are true that I am sharing with you.  By the grace of God, I get to be open, honest, vulnerable and blessed to be able to deliver such a book. 

The other two books that I have written are poetry books titled LIFE & Mercies Of God.  These books consist of about fifty poems.  Each poem is a reflection of me trying to find my way.  I also minister these poems at different events. 

Please click the picture of the book below to purchase your copy. You can also read her latest interview featured on FOX, CBS, & NBC.

Ten Years Strong available through Paperback & Ebooks! B&N, IApple, Amazon

Commercial now featured on A&E Network for women!

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Mercies Of God book.jpg
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